5 Tips From Our Residential Cleaning Services Professionals

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We understand how it often feels like your list of household cleaning tasks is never-ending. At KLK Cleaning Services, we are here to help you complete your to-do list with our residential cleaning services. We enjoy sharing tips and tricks to help you keep your home cleaner and more organized. These are 5 of our favorite tips from our residential cleaning services professionals.

5 Tips From Our Residential Cleaning Services Professionals

  1. Use a Squeegee After Every Shower. Once you finish showering, quickly take a squeegee and wipe down the walls. This will reduce soap scum build-up and consequently the frequency with which you need to deep-clean your tub or shower.
  2. Make Your Bed Right After You Get Up. Not only is this a great habit to build, but it will also help you start your day on the right foot. A made bed will keep your room tidier and encourage you to continue your day in an organized way.
  3. Use Lemons to Freshen Your Garbage Disposal. A great way to create a fresh scent in your kitchen is to put lemon slices and a few ice cubes in your garbage disposal. As your garbage disposal runs, it will clean out the gunk trapped in there while leaving a clean smell lingering in your kitchen.
  4. Clean As You Go. Instead of leaving your messes to be cleaned later, clean as you go throughout your day. Finish a meal? Do the dishes right away. Finish a project? Put your supplies back where they belong. This will keep messes from getting out of control.
  5. Clean Top To Bottom. We suggest cleaning your rooms from high areas to low. For example, dust and clean up high so that any loose particles will travel downwards to the area you will clean next. By the time you are vacuuming your floor, everything will be picked up or vacuumed away.

Using these 5 easy tips will help keep your home clean and organized. If you want to learn more about our residential cleaning services, contact us at KLK Cleaning Services. We have a variety of cleaning services to match your needs.

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