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We want to provide a valuable service that eases the strain of daily life for our clients.

Even with all our time-saving devices, people are busier than ever these days. Finding time to do the things you love is tricky, and keeping a clean home or business often eats up our limited spare time. Here at KLK Cleaning Services, we want to help you regain your free time, so you can enjoy the other aspects of your life. You work hard, and we want to work hard for you.

About KLK Cleaning Services in Hackettstown, New Jersey

Our founder, Joana Vega, knows quite a bit about hard work. After immigrating from Costa Rica to the United States as a very small child, she learned what it means to work hard! As Joana grew, she developed a passion for hard work and always had to keep things neat and tidy in order to make her busy schedule work to her advantage.

While in college, Joana was working and looking for ways to finance her schooling. Working in several factories led to a job with a cleaning company, and Joana found that her natural inclinations to keep things clean enabled her to enjoy this type of work. She realized that with her talents and capabilities, she could gain a career as well as an income and made the courageous decision to start her own company.

That was 16 years ago, and Joana works just as hard now as she did back then! Still able to give her best to each and every one of her clients, she loves her work and loves watching her clients and their families grow and mature. We would love to tell you more about our wonderful company that was founded on the values of the American Dream. For more information about our lovely company serving the Hackettstown, New Jersey area, please contact us today.

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