About Me

About Me

Owner and operator Joana Verga came here to the States from Costa Rica at a very young age. She knows the value of hard work and dedication as she has had to get things on her own. When she came here, Joana was miles away from her parents and had to work for a living.

While in college, her second year in the medical field, the process of working and going to school became harder and harder. Due to her citizenship status at the time, and not having a way to finance her career, Joana sought out factory work. After working in many factories Joana began working for a cleaning company.

It was here where Joana fell in love with cleaning. This seemed to suit her due to her being a very clean and neat person. It wasn't long before everywhere she was sent, folks began to ask specifically for her. They began to comment on how nice the building look and Joana became a regular.

And then about 16 years ago, Joana decided to start her own business and she is now out doing her best for each one of her clients and she gives her best every single time.

Joana has become such a regular in her client's houses that had small children, now have children that are going to high school and off to college. Joana takes pride in this as she is a lover of both kids and animals.